The EFi Universe

The Metaverse space (NFTs, collectables & gaming universe) has been gaining amazing traction lately.

We here at EFi want to take part of this growing movement and have decided to take our first step into
establishing a brand name in the NFT universe.

To celebrate the launch of our V2 Tokens, we created a small set of limited-edition EFi NFTs.

We present to you the “Golden Three”

They are not just simple NFTs and are a lot more than that.

Owning these collectables makes you a member of the exclusive EFi Golden Member’s Club.

These specially designed, high-quality NFTs bring their holders a wide range of benefits and each of them is backed by 0.01% of the total supply of their specific coin: DMD, HUB or DOP. You will also get a premium .efi account name if you burn them.

They can be resold on the open NFT markets at any time.

Any of these NFTs will also grant you special access to the upcoming Golden Member’s section of our website where users will be able to see many things not reserved for mere mortals. Things such as a real-time analysis feed of all the DMD, HUB and DOP transactions on the blockchain. You will be able to see buys/sells in real-time as well.